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Enter a Town, Post Code or part of an Address, then click the button.
Double click on the map to set the position of the 'Dart', you can also click and drag it around.

The Dart

The search area.

The Zoom controls. You can also click and drag the map around.

Here you can see the results of your search, ordered by distance from the dart.

Click the 'More Info' button to see fuller details.

Click the 'Shortlist' button to add/remove the Hotel to/from your shortlist.

Click the 'Map' button to highlite the Hotel on the map.

The results map shows the Hotels location.

You can click theto scroll the results pane to see the Hotels details.

You can drag the 'Dart' around to get results in another location.

You can use the zoom control to get a closer view of the results, you can also click and drag the map around.

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